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Welcome to the Bridgend Food Recycling Mission

The Bridgend Food Recycling Mission is a free competition open to primary schools across the County of Bridgend. The activities and resources have been designed for KS2 pupils and link to maths, science, PSE and ESDGC. They can also be used as part of your Eco-Schools evidence.

Join the Mission and receive a host of free supporting resources to help you tuck in to the topic of food recycling with your pupils.

Pupils will discover that everyone doing small things, like recycling their banana peels, can have a big environmental impact. They will learn how recycled food waste in Bridgend County Borough is transformed into electricity to power their appliances, their home and their community.

Pupils are also invited to enter a poster competition through the Mission. The winning poster will be transformed into a professional illustration and displayed on Bridgend Council’s recycling vehicles. The winning pupil will also receive an exclusive tour of a food recycling plant for their class.

Why join the mission

Wales is leading the way in recycling in the UK and is the third best recycling nation in the world. In Bridgend County, 75% of people recycle their food waste. However, in a typical rubbish bin, 18% is still made up of food waste – all of which could have been recycled and turned into renewable energy.

Recycle for Wales is working with Bridgend County Borough Council to increase levels of food recycling across the area by informing and inspiring residents. You can help too by getting involved in the Mission. The activities and lessons have been designed to support your work programmes by linking to the National Curriculum.

  • Supports delivery of the PSE framework and ESDGC principles
  • Use as evidence towards your Eco-Schools award applications
  • Assembly/classroom presentation and video provided to introduce the topic
  • Food caddy stickers provided for all participating pupils to take home and use
  • Engaging Maths and Science KS2 curriculum-linked lesson plans to further explore food waste energy with your pupils
  • Additional lesson ideas linking to Art and Design and Information and Communication Technology


How it works

  1. 1

    Register to join the mission. You will receive an email containing everything you need to begin exploring food waste recycling with your pupils. We will be providing Busta food caddy stickers to every pupil, please order these when you register (only available to teachers who register before 11th January 2019).

  2. 2

    Show the short Busta in Bridgend video, along with the presentation, provided in your pack to pupils to introduce the topic.

  3. 3

    Using the activity sheets provided, run a lesson in class to help pupils understand how food waste is turned into renewable energy.

  4. 4

    Print (or email) the homework sheet and give to pupils (along with their caddy stickers) to complete with their families.

  5. 5

    Choose from a selection of curriculum-linked Maths and Science activities to further investigate the topic with your class.

Sign Up

Register via the form below to receive everything you need to take part in the Mission with your pupils, including a multi-media presentation and supporting notes; a suite of engaging lessons and activities for you to choose from, and the homework and classroom activity sheets.

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