Bridgend Food Recycling Mission

The Bridgend Food Recycling Mission is a free competition for primary school Key Stage 2 earthlings. Captain Busta, the waste-busting intergalactic space monkey, has landed in Bridgend County in a spaceship powered by banana peels and he needs your help!

Are you ready to help me on my quest to discover how Bridgend County’s recycled food waste is transformed into electricity?

How to join the mission

Once you have completed a lesson at school you are fully qualified to do some investigating work at home using Busta’s special ELECTROGENERATOR tool AND enter the competition. Just follow the steps below.

  1. 1


    Working with your parents investigate the ‘unavoidable’ food waste left over from the meals you eat at home over one weekend, logging them on the diary sheet provided by your teacher. Don’t forget to put your Busta sticker on your caddy!

  2. 2


    Use the Electrogenerator to explore how much energy these food waste items can create when recycled

  3. 3


    If you could invent your own machine that transforms food waste into energy, what would it look like? Enter the competition to design a ‘magic food recycling machine’ and submit it through the website by 28th February.

Participating schools...