Welcome to Food Recycling Mission Control

The Food Recycling Mission aims to help Key Stage 2 pupils in Wales learn about how food waste can be turned into electricity to power their homes, schools and local community.  It provides free activities and resources to primary school teachers that are linked to maths, science, PSE and ESDGC. They can also be used as part of Eco-Schools evidence.

More than 70% of people in Wales recycle their food waste, and overall, Wales is the third best recycling nation in the world! That’s AMAZING! The best thing we can do with our food is eat it all up. But some food waste - such as banana peels, tea bags and egg shells - can’t be eaten. By putting these ‘unavoidable’ food waste items in your food waste bin to be recycled, you can help create a whole lot of energy. And help get Wales to number 1!